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Discussion: The Red Tent and the Importance of Women's Groups Today.

  • Zen Den 3857 Willow Avenue Pittsburgh, PA, 15234 United States (map)
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The Red Tent Society is a gathering of women that occurs at or around the new moon when most girls and women are menstruating and in most need of support, rest and reflection. This is a timeless tradition observed by ancient cultures. It serves as a regular forum for empowering girls and women of all ages. Every decade in our lives is special and we each have something to offer. We each have a piece of the puzzle.

Traditionally, girls would enter the Red Tent as soon as their bodies began to cycle with the moon. In the tent they would learn about their fertility cycles and every other faucet of being a woman. A Red Tent is a gift of mystical understanding of womanhood where secret knowledge will be shared and women will learn the value of their bodies as physical temples and how to set personal boundaries accordingly . A Red Tent provides a authentic foundation of support and an opportunity to connect with your inner self,other women and the greater cycles as we journey round the astrological mandala,working with the themes and lessons of each sign for greater wholeness and balance in our daily lives. A place where you can let your hair down and relax knowing that whatever is shared is not ever gossiped about outside the gathering. A nurturing space to gather without fear of competition.  A place to explore new ideas and reflect upon our personal journeys . Each month we will share our strengths, vulnerabilities and life lessons mirrored in each other, which creates deeper understanding and compassion for ourselves and others. In the tent there is freedom to share life's Highs and lows .

In the Red Tent we make a decree
To celebrate our unique beauty, both inner and outer.
To honor ourselves in every choice we make.
To dare to be spontaneous and authentic.
To spend equal time being and reflecting.
To honor the DIVINE in ALL.
To speak both our mind's ideas and our heart's wisdom.
To support ourselves by spending time with those who reflect our inner light .
To spend time communing with Mother Earth
To look for the blessings and lessons in life
And to serve the Greater Good with ease and grace

This is our Inner Goddess Makeover