Chinese Cupping Massage


Chinese Cupping is a very ancient practice developed thousands of years ago, while techniques have been modernized the original philosophy is still the same. We use cupping therapy in correlation with massage and other modalities in our practice. For example, massage therapy and cupping complement one another. Massage therapy is the manual and mechanical manipulation of the superficial muscular and fascial tissues to lengthen and soften. The suction from cupping therapy uses pressure to pull the skin, tissues and muscles upward thus helping the therapist manipulate the muscles on a much deeper level.  

How it Works:

Cupping therapy involves placing a plastic cup on the skin and pumping air out of the space inside the cup. This creates suction that brings blood to the affected area, energizing skin tissues. This causes more blood flow, which brings oxygen and nutrients, while the lymphatic system produces anti-biotics that are needed for healing. Blood flow also helps to detoxify, removing pathogens that cause skin conditions.  The suction loosens and relaxes muscles, while breaking up fascial adhesions. This therapy is extremely affective and very beneficial; however, it is known to cause circular bruising, that varies in color.  The general consensus among cupping practitioners all around the world is; the darker the cupping mark the more chronic the stasis. As the blood and Qi circulations improve with subsequent visits so too does the cupping mark. After a cupping therapy session and during the weeks of treatment, for best results; stay away from rich and greasy foods. Light warm meals in the winter and salads with plenty of greens in the summer are preferred. Try to maintain a healthy diet as best you can. Increase fluid intake, to increase metabolism, replenish and help the detoxification process.

Decreases Muscular Pain  •  Decreases Tenderness in Trigger Point Release  •  Reduces Scar Tissue Build-up  •  Aids in Lymph Drainage  • Aids in Muscle Recovery  •  reduces Inflammation  •  Improves Mobility and Range of Motion   •   Improves Skin Conditions   •   Relieves Cold, Cough and Allergy Symptoms •  Promotes Relaxation •  Detoxifies

The full benefits of cupping therapy are usually achieved after 5-10 visits. Benefits can be noticed after one visit but are usually short-lived especially when dealing with long lasting chronic problems. 10 sessions are considered one course of treatment for such problems.