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Red Tent Gathering: Jupiter in Scorpio. October 2017

  • Soul to Sole Massage & Wellness 3857 Willow Avenue Pittsburgh, PA, 15234 United States (map)

Jupiter in Scorpio a Time for Transformation. 

Jupiter brings us expansion and meaning to our experiences while Scorpio brings regeneration and growth. Scorpio stings and quickly retreats so your world can be turned upside down and truths reveled. Jupiter in Scorpio over all will bring us to realize a deeper meaning and understanding of ourselves . 

In honor of this transformational 13 month process this months tent will focus on the self and how we relate to the universe. Together we will find our way through the utilizing astrological techniques so we can easily confront and release any fear.of the unknown. Death is only transformation, it can access a part of ourselves that FEAR has shut down. When these shut downs occur we are denied the release of our negative images . These images create unnecessary pain and suffering. 

This months tent will offer healing perspectives that will allow for transformation to occur. Together we will empower ourselves and others to welcome these so called dark times and view them as openings into our inner wisdom. 

It is only transformation, a process that destroys old patterns of thought and behavior . To gain wisdom and hea,l the dark must be reveled. After the revile we can then move towards accepting the wholenessof our being. No more fear and dread just healing and renewal. 

During last months tent we were given an assignment to discover what house Chrion was in and where is our moon and sun. Please bring that info with you , a brunch item to share and an open mind.

These are new beginnings , so join us at a new day and time !