Didgeridoo Sound Therapy and Sound Healing


Joseph B. Carringer-  Didgeridoo Sound Therapist

Didgeridoo sound therapy is a holistic health practice that uses meditation and intention to effect positive changes in a persons mind, body and spirit. With meditation and personal intention at the corner stone of this practice, didgeridoo sound therapy applies sound using Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of energy clearing theory to clear and balance a persons subtle energy system.

In everyday life the average person forgets to do the most basic tasks of proper breathing and healing meditation. This common, unhealthy practice can lead to life threatening illness. Through meditation and proper breathing techniques it is possible to reach a state where we can lift our consciousness to enhance individual healing abilities and help to mitigate pre-existing conditions. The tones produced by the didgeridoo make it possible for people who have never consciously focused on meditation and breathing techniques, to reach these deep healing states with very little effort.

We are thrilled to have Joseph offer private sessions out of our location . For more information about Joseph, Didgeridoo Therapy , events and classes , please visit, http://didgetherapy.com/

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