Father's Day Massage Package

A special package for Father's Day to honor  ALL the  Men in our lives who support and care for us . The Grandfathers,  fathers , teachers, sons , uncles , and all those that have supported us and shared their strength and love . 

For the month of June we offer a special package for the men in your lives.  A massage package including two therapists that will focus on the spine, pelvis, hamstrings, calves and the soles of the feet.  An experience that includes everything he needs to relax, unwind  and let go for a little while. 

With this  package he will receive a cupping session and back massage to relieve all pain, stress and tension , acupressure for the low back and hamstrings, and reflexology for the soles of the feet.  

$120 per session  / $300 for the purchase of three sessions   

Father's Day Gift Certificates

A special treat for all the men in your life . Treat him to any session from our service menu at a 20% discount. Redeemable until September of 2018

The possibilities are endless and we are celebrating the men in our lives all month long with our 20% off any service. Give the men in your life the gift of a relaxing day at Soul to Sole Healing and Massage. This special offer is sure to please and create a lasting , loving memory

Massage is an important part to a healthy lifestyle and now is the time give them the gift of health and well-being.  

"Son, brother, father, lover, friend. There is room in the heart for all the affections, as there is room in heaven for all the stars." -----Victor Hugo

Various services/ various prices all at 20% off